The AI Powered Virtual Employee That Acts As Your Innovation Champion

the Challenge

As companies need to become more and more efficient there is a constant struggle to keep employees engaged to make improvements. And often any improvements being made are locked away with their creators and not shared around to get the most benefit. Large projects often fail and smaller concerns are usually deprioritized to nowhere.

Our Magic Solution

We have encapsulated the Kaizen methodology into an autonomous virtual employee that can initiate conversations with team members. Using chat to engage employees, the Artifical Intelligence (AI) can find out day-to-day activities, discover issues that waste materials and effort, and keep team members on track with their tasks. When improvements are being made, employees are inspired to do more by celebrating the team's achievements.

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How it works?

  • 1

    Gets To Know You

    Your AI Worker will check what you do day to day and get a better understanding of your needs

  • 2

    AI Discovers Issues

    AI researches possible issues that staff would have based on the things they do and the sort of role they have

  • 3

    AI Suggests and Documents Improvements

    AI talks to staff to help them determine the improvements that should be made, and keep an eye on progress made

  • 4

    AI Promotes Achievements

    To improve moral and to encourage participation of staff by celebrating the improvements that staff have made

Choose Your Plan and Start

Please note that all Closed Beta users have enteprise level licences during the Closed Beta duration

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Closed Beta

We are hard at work with our partners on producing a rock solid beta, We would love to hear from companies and IT Consultancies that would like to join in this exciting journey. We are currently aiming at integrating with #Slack and and Cisco Spark. However if there is another chat platform that you are using then we can look at some options for supporting that also.

Like what you see? Contact us to get into the Closed Beta!

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  • I have used Kaizenable as a naive Kaizen concept enthusiast and I have found Kaizen concept to be amazing and Kaizenable a really good implementation of the Kaizen concept with really great functionalities with a good UI. I would recommend companies to look into how it works, to increase productivity and to gain continuous improvement in organization.

    Deep Kakkad Co-Founder /

    Since joining the Kaizenable beta and installing Kaz on my phone i have been able to make suggestions as I am out on site. And Kaz keeps me in check so I remember to keep my documentation in check. She also lets me know all the important things i need to look out for which is great as its really helped me sort out why we are having issues. It can be a bit tricky doing it with a team of our size but with Kaz its easy she just tells me.

    Eddie Seve / Co-Owner of Cleaning Services Melbourne

  • I am always on the move. Returning to my phone to ask questions and communicate with my colleagues is not an option. With Kaz the Kaizenable app, I am always connected and in the know. I get my own personal assitant that sits with me in the car and the coffee shop.

    Mick Callaghan / Callaghan Consulting

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